About us

Online Associates is a web development company that supports designers and project managers.

technology stack

Masters don't blame their tools when things go wrong. But they do give credit when credit's due. These are the technologies which make our development possible. We'd be in the stone ages without them!



Just as there's no need to reinvent the wheel, there's no need to redevelop existing utilities. Yes, we love to code, but reliable 3rd party apps are more developed, easier for new recruits to learn and they speed/cheapen development up. Although we can integrate with any stable API, these are the 3rd party apps we've had integrated with before:

why us?

Few companies focus on development alone because there's more demand for agencies that also design. But if you only need development, then you're comparing us to an inhouse developer or an outsourced freelancer.

  Freelancer Inhouse Developer Online Associates
Freedom from the hassles of HR      
Independence from key individuals      
Ease and ability to scale      

our values

Our biggest asset is our culture and or culture comes from our values.

We are dependable

Human decency requires people to do what they says they'll do when they say they'll do it. This requires us to be conservative with our word, keep reminding ourselves of our commitments and to reach out if we ever feel we won't be able to keep to them.

We love frameworks

Doing things in specific ways is what makes us efficient. It keeps everyone on the same page, simplifies recruitment, helps turn individual learnings into company-wide excellence and makes the future more predictable. We prefer to use effective frameworks that already exist, otherwise we build our own.

We are not perfect

A better way of doing something always exists. And, because only God knows which are the best, we have to keep searching for them. It's a journey of open-mindedness, accepting that we make mistakes and having a never-ending thirst for mastery.

Are you a developer? If so, we'd like you to consider working with us! Please visit our careers page to learn more.

Frequently asked questions

In most cases, the answer is yes. The only exception we make for this is when the project is very small and all of the design work has already been done. In that case, we are simply converting a design into a functional website and the need for a designer or project manager is eliminated.

If you're not sure whether this applies to your project, please contact us with the details and we can tell you.

Our rates vary according to whether a project is fixed scope or ongoing. If the project is fixed scope, it depends on which team members need to be involved and it it's ongoing, it depends on the expected production output and the length of the commitment.

If you have a question that isn't listed here, then contact us right away. We'll be glad to answer any question that you have.